Still rockin' and rollin' with the mighty Bouche!!!!

She Bakes has been nailing the Croquembouche for nearly a decade.

Traditionally France's wedding cake of choice, having been featured in programmes such as The Great British Bake off and Master Chef, it is becoming a very popular choice for British couples. Designed for those who want to combine its dazzling centrepiece asthetics and creamy delicious dessert bomblettes. It is a wonderful erection of choux pastry, pastry cream and caramel and then at the very last minuet is adorned with delicately spun sugar. I like to personally deliver mine with dark chocolate sauce, fresh raspberry couli and a full size 14th century broad sword! 

The bride and groom have the exciting task of attacking the Croque with gusto to start the demolishing of the tower. Evidence shows this will be devoured within minuets. 

Charlie and Barney's Croquembouche , Oxen Hoath, May 2014

Charlie and Barney's Croquembouche , Oxen Hoath, May 2014

They are made in such a way that the profiteroles can be ripped of the tower and dipped into the guest's sauce of choice, a point in the day where table manners are of low priority and well quite frankly ...why would you waste time with a fork!! 

Recently featured in Rock NRoll Brides.... 

 ....a wonderful wedding that I provided the fabulous Croque for. As I was setting up, there was a serious rock band playing 3pm...unusual to have such a sound explosion at that point in the proceedings but everyone was having a blast!

It was a PARTY themed wedding and as I paraded my mighty bouche out for it's beheading I was very proud to present it to Charlie and Barney and over the moon to see them cut their cake of the moment in style!! 

If you are considering a croquembouche for your wedding or special occasion you need to bear in mind it needs to be eaten within a couple of hours of delivery and will have been made fresh and delivered within seconds of completion . No Man or woman will want to wait for this all round sensory master piece or nor can they, so go on. stuff another one in!!!!!